Source Book: a workshop on structuring ideas and processes
with Krishnapriya CP


Saturday, 19 October 2019 | 3 - 6 pm 
at FICA Reading Room

To register, email us with your name and phone no. at

FICA is pleased to invite you to a workshop for students and young artists proposed by artist and educator, Krishnapriya C.P., on structuring ideas by presenting thought processes via visual narratives. 

This workshop seeks to help students and young artists to develop tools, and to systematically approach thinking through art. The aim of this workshop will be to visually record one’s accumulated thoughts, defining one’s foundational sources, and to use everyday conversations and experiences to build on ideas. Source Book will be a 3-hour long session of discussing, learning, thinking and making.

The workshop will continue some of the ongoing discussions on reading, making and research, that have been part of FICA's recent projects - Torchlight Journal @Project_Space, as well as the current course with Serendipity Arts Foundation, On-Site: a workshop exploring process, dialogue and experimentation. 

About the artist-educator

Krishnapriya C.P. is a practising visual artist based in Chennai. She completed her Master's from the Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai. She is interested in understanding the process of art pedagogy. She has worked with art students and young artists to develop their process based works. One such collective project that she did with a group of students was on archiving labour as an artistic exercise. Of the several artworks that emerged a series of artist books visually narrating stories of labour was brought out. She is interested in exploring ways of interpreting and articulating multiple fields and sources to bring it into a tangible spectrum of documents.  

She was one of the curators for two editions of the Students’ Biennale, Kochi (2016 and 2018). She was a resident artist at University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2017 and the summer 2019, supported by the South Asia Centre, University of Pennsylvannia. She is currently in New Delhi as one of the educators for the On-Site course.