public art grant 2019 | applications open

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art invites applications for Public Art Grant 2019
Deadline: 5 November 2019

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The FICA Public Art Grant is aimed at supporting art projects located in the public realm in India. Through the grant, FICA aims to generate interest in public art projects, and initiate an open debate among artists, local communities and the larger public to engage with shared environments in new ways. 

The winning proposal will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges. The recipient of the grant will receive a maximum of Rs. 3 lakhs for the project detailed in their application. The period of the grant is one year (1 January to 31 December 2020). Upon completion of the project the artist will be required to submit a project report along with complete documentation, and make a final presentation at a public forum. 


  • Individuals or groups may apply.

  • The applicant/s needs to be 18 years or older.

  • The applicant/s should be an Indian citizen/s, currently residing in India


  1. Section A - The completed application form.

  2. Section B - A 1000-1500 word project proposal.

  3. Section C - A detailed budget of the project.

  4. Section D - The timeline of project development.

  5. Resume - Current resume of applicant/s. If applicable, include a list of projects/works done so far in the public domain, along with images and descriptions.

  6. Images - Maximum of 20 images of the applicant’s current works if applicable to the context of public art. For video based work, up to 10 minutes of video file(s) is allowed. The video file(s) should be compatible for playback on Windows Media Player/Quick Time Player.

All materials should be submitted via Google Drive/WeTransfer/Dropbox to

Please do not print or courier any material for submission.




  • The project must be located in India. Location details need to be specified in the proposal.

  • The project should have the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public domain.

  • The project can be environmentally focused, community-based, or deal with critical issues related to the visual arts and the public.

  • The project proposal should clearly specify the specific modes which it will employ to engage with the public.

  • The proposal should include as much information about the project as possible, thus enabling us to gain greater clarity about the potential and practicality of the project. Please read through the application form carefully for what is required for submission.

  • The project should be feasible in terms of costs and scale, and should meet the dates set in the timeline.


  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Make sure all the required details are included.

  • Short-listed applicants may be asked to submit further details on their project anytime during the selection process.

  • The project should be feasible in terms of costs and scale, and should meet the dates set in the timeline. Please note that if it is a long term project FICA will support it only for one year, and not for the entire duration of the project.

    FICA has the right to disqualify any proposal that it deems as offensive to cultural, social or religious sentiments, as well as projects that fall short of public safety requirements. The decision to support a project is entirely at FICA’s discretion.