MASH FICA Award | Supporting New Media Art Practice

MASH, in collaboration with The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, launched its latest award – MASH FICA Award – dedicated to supporting artists working in new media in 2018.  This Award aims to support independent media artists with the creation of specific projects.

We define new media in the most expansive of terms given taking into consideration its perpetually evolving nature. The emphasis remains on projects that explore technology as form, process or subject, and are responsive to the rapidly changing environment of image production and distribution.

We invited projects that engage with a range of sources both within the arts and the wider field of information technologies, communications and entertainment. Informed by the rapid pace of technological innovation, development and equally obsolescence, New Media Art is a constantly changing category encompassing work engaging with mediums pertaining to the moving image, lens-based media, digital technology, database, hypertext, cyberspace and the internet, audio technology and sound art, sensory technology, surveillance technologies, computer and video games, GPS systems and biotechnology, among others.  

The Grant aims to encourage reflective, aesthetic and speculative projects that look at the intersections of art and technology. Through this grant, we seek to promote a critical understanding of technology as process, beyond the industrial frameworks within which it gets deployed. 

This award is supported by the Shalini Passi Art Foundation

2018-19 Awardee | amitesh grover

2018-19 Awardee | amitesh grover