The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) presents

MEMOIR BAR by Thukral & Tagra

02 - 05 February 2017

Booth #P14
India Art Fair 2016 | NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi

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FICA is delighted to present the MEMOIR BAR project by artist-duo Thukral & Tagra at the India Art Fair 2017.  This project has been made possible with the generous support of FICA Advisory Board Members Radhika Chopra and Tarana Sawhney.

Memoir Bar builds an interactive public space that helps you encapsulate a memory into an object or solidify an emotion forever, forming a library of preserved memories in various emotional hues. The project invites viewers to write a memory down on paper, shred it and watch it being made into a tile. Using your memory as your currency, you obtain the power to relive it through the object at will. Constructing a large sanctuary of compressed emotion, the abstract becomes concrete, a moment of emotional recall gets captured into a tactile form.
Memoir Bar is conceived as a travelling exhibition. It aims at mapping the emotions of cities. So far the project has been held in Mumbai and Dubai in 2016 and travels to Delhi in 2017. It looks at how the cities react emotionally and that in itself poses as a very interesting proposition.

As FICA director Vidya Shivadas notes, “We derive inspiration from such initiatives by artists as we continue our work in art education – they encourage us to think creatively about making connections and building involvement when working with different audience groups.”

T & T also provide their perspective on the collaboration: "Our projects are participatory projects where the viewers complete the work of art. It was essential to partner with FICA in order to push the boundaries. Since this project is meant to travel, it was the perfect partnership to bring it to Delhi."

We are grateful for the involvement of Radhika Chopra and Tarana Sawhney in making this project happen at India Art Fair in 2017. This is what they both have to say on why they supported this project:  

"I am delighted about supporting this partnership as the project champions the very ethos of FICA through maximum participation and outreach by involving every member of the public with art. Thukral & Tagra are pioneers in the contemporary art landscape and are enabling a tangible body of work, created by the people of this city, which has the potential to connect on an emotional level." Tarana Sawhney, art collector, advocate and FICA Advisory Board Member

"Supporting Thukral & Tagra's Memoir Bar at the India Art Fair represents my support for the important work that FICA does for the art community. The arts are fundamental to humanity. This is all the more evident in a country like ours with its rich cultural heritage. We need to encourage more funding for the arts, not just individual patronage, but corporate support as well, and I hope that we can encourage others to get involved."  Radhika Chopra, art collector, entrepreneur and FICA Advisory Board Member
About the artists
The artist-duo Thukral & Tagra blur the lines between fine art and popular culture, product placement and exhibition design, artistic inspiration and media hype. Their works comment on the globalization of consumer culture and the repercussions of this as it is being experienced in India today. While both playful and humorous, their works express thoughtful questions about issues related to Indian identity, both as viewed from inside and outside. Please see their website for further information

About FICA
The year 2017 marks FICA’s 10th anniversary as a non-profit organisation in the arts. Based out of the nation’s capital in New Delhi, FICA’s key areas of work have been in providing support structures to Indian artists, researchers and other members of the art community through grants; strengthening art education via discussion forums, workshops and collaborations; and establishing a continuous and inclusive dialogue between the arts and its variegated publics through year-long active public programming.

By presenting this project by Thukral & Tagra FICA is celebrating its anniversary in one of the most visited art platforms in India, the India Art Fair. This is FICA’s second artist-led project at the fair, the first one being FICA Feedstation in collaboration with artist Abhishek Hazra in IAF 2011, which was an experiment in live, online art-writing.  

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