Writing Practice | A KHOJ - FICA Workshop | 22- 23 June 2019

Writing Practice, a two-day KHOJ-FICA workshop led by Sabih Ahmed, was organized on 22-23 June for the emerging artists of KHOJ Peers 2019 and Dharti Residency. Considering how integral artist statements and bios are for artists today, the workshop looked at the ways in which such writing is representative of an artist's processes of self-fashioning. Participants were encouraged to develop a language of their own to redefine their capacities and cite their own references, creating an assemblage specific to their practices. Lively discussions were centered around a range of artist bios and statements written by leading practitioners in the field, raising pertinent concerns about the use of jargon, methods of structuring, and the shared dilemma of choosing what to include.

The workshop also addressed ways in which artists can collaborate with institutions and individuals through grants, fellowships, scholarships and awards, and highlighted better ways to read and approach open calls. Ending on a spirited note, the participants presented short bios as part of an exercise, and received feedback on their writing.