Think-in at the exhibition 'getting across'

14th September 2016 | 11 am - 6 pm
FICA Reading Room, India International Centre, Bikaner House and Vadehra Art Gallery

FICA invites you to register for a day long engagement on 14th September 2016 in context of the exhibition, 'getting across'. The exercise will take the participants to visit the exhibition sites, Vadehra Art Gallery, India International Centre and Bikaner House. The idea is to engage young practitioners with the different works in the show and to closely look at the forms proposed by artists to speak about several political realities of migration.

How do artists translate these ideas into suitable forms especially when dealing with complex facts, regulations and information? The exercises are aimed at understanding performative elements of certain artworks, map making as a form and reading of some key texts in relation to the works on view. We will also share certain texts with the participants on the artist process, how an artist deals with contemporary realities, the kind of strategies that are undertaken in making of an artwork, the transformation that takes place in the work etc.

To register email us an updated CV and your contact information at Please note that the participants are required to do some amount of reading and brushing up their knowledge in relation to the artists' practices in preparation for this engagement. For any further queries contact

The readings include - (please note that these texts are freely available on the internet and we hold no copyright over these texts. This is being used for educational purposes only)

1. Fear of Small Numbers (Text by Arjun Appadurai),

2. Artist as Ethnographer (Text by Hal Foster),

3. Brick by Brick (Comic on Eastern Europe Border Crisis),

4. Still Life with Cone, Standpipe and Caution Tape (Text by Peter Keys).

5. Press Release of the exhibition - getting across

getting across, organised by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, is curated on the premise that borders are man-made delineations, based on nothing but arbitrary decisions that nevertheless exert a massive, sometimes gruesome impact on individuals.The exhibition features the works of artists from across section of cultures and, often overlapping, geographic regions. They are, (in alphabetical order):

Bani Abidi (Pakistan/Germany) | Naman Ahuja (India) | Halil Altindere (Turkey) | Francis Alÿs (Belgium/Mexico) | Sumit Dayal (India) | Shilpa Gupta (India) | Amar Kanwar (India) | Kimsooja (Korea/USA/France) | Eva Leitolf (Germany) | Erik Levine (USA) | André Lützen (Germany) | Adrian Paci (Albania/Italy) | Kishor Parekh (India) | Mike Parr (Australia) | Raqs Media Collective (India) | Tejal Shah (India) | Santiago Sierra (Spain) | Roman Signer (Switzerland) | Javier Téllez (Venezuela) | Jens Ullrich (Germany) | Lin Yilin (China/USA) | Zarina (India)

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Imega: Adrian Paci | Centre of Temporary Permanence, 2007 | Single-channel video projection