The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art,
in collaboration with Serendipity Arts Foundation,


Open Display as part of 
The Storytellers: A Course Exploring Zines, Comics and Video

October 14, 2018 | 6.00 pm onward

Venue: Serendipity Arts Foundation,
C-340, Chetna Marg, Defence Colony
New Delhi: 110024

On view until October 24, 2018, 11 am to 6 pm

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) and Serendipity Arts Foundation (SAF) are delighted to announce that The Storytellers: A Course exploring Zines, Comics and Video shall culminate after its month-long duration (September 10- October 13, 2017) in an Open Day on Sunday October 14,  6 pm onward at the Serendipity Arts Foundation, C 340, Defence Colony New Delhi.

The display will continue until October 24 and will be a chance to share some of the processes and outcomes of this programme.  A group comprising 14 participants- Akshay Sethi, Tilothama Bhowmick, Khandakar Ohida, Priyesh Gothwal, Ankit Ravani, Yogesh Ramkrishna, Zeel Sanghvi, Maya Janine, Pavithra R, Rahul Kamalasan, Rohit Kumar, Sana Bansal, Vikrant Kano and Tahsin Akhtar- has been immersed in a month-long intensive process experimenting with zine-making, graphic narratives and video. Mentored by artists like Himanshu Shetty, Sajad Malik, Sameera Jain and Lokesh Khodke, the participants have been exposed to various mediums, materials and engaged with the formative and processual elements of the mediums.

The course began with Himanshu Shetty's module titled 'z is also for zines' where participants were introduced to the ethos and format of zine-making and publishing. Covering different locations in the city, the participants displayed and hustled the zines to a diverse public. The second week commenced with Sajad Malik's module on graphic narratives. Titled 'Drawing Experience', the module initiated the participants into how comics are being mobilized around the world by artists to document their political realities through a personal eye. The third week had filmmaker Sameera Jain discuss the origins of the moving image, the various positions contained within the ethnographic, ways of perceiving oneself and one’s context, and the relationship between the technical and the aesthetic. Titled 'Ways of Seeing', the module had practical observational exercises directed at discovering stories that may offer unexpected insights, discoveries of constellations of meaning otherwise obscured by the habitual.

Other additional inputs included sessions with artist Bhagwati Prasad, comic author and editor Vidyun Sabhaney, filmmakers Ruchika Negi, Nundrisha Wakhloo, Gagandeep Singh, Prof. Narayani Gupta, a field-trip to Fardabad Mazdoor Samachar office and a session with founder-editor Sher Singh

For SAF and FICA, the course has been an invaluable experience in terms of generating a learning environment. We look forward to seeing how the participants take it forward in their work.

Please do join us to catch a glimpse of what they have been working on!

Serendipity Arts Foundation (SAF) is an arts and cultural development organisation that fosters pluralistic cultural expressions and supports emerging artists across South Asia. Committed to innovation, the aim of the Foundation is to support, practice, and promote sustainability and education in the field of the arts, through a range cultural programmes and initiatives.