The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art and Serendipity Arts Foundation
invite applications for


Educators and Modules:
Himanshu S| z is for also for zines  
Malik Sajad | Drawing Experience
Sameera Jain | Ways of Seeing

Lokesh Khodke | Course Facilitator

September 10 – October 20, 2018

Course Timings: Monday to Friday | 11 am to 5 pm

Venue: Serendipity Arts Foundation, Basement, C-340, Defence Colony, New Delhi: 110024

Apply Now! Deadline: August 22, 2018

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Serendipity Arts Foundation, invites applications from young artists for a five-week course from September 10 until October 20, 2018.

Titled Storytellers: A Course exploring Zines, Comics and Video, this intensive programme engages with art practices that have histories of working outside the confines of the art gallery or related sanctioned ‘white cube’ spaces, seeking more direct and immediate contact with their audiences. Of particular interest to us are the ways artists are re-addressing and exploring the richness of audio-visual and graphic story as a self-sustained practice.

The course designed to explore multiple layers of visual storytelling and mediums through three modules on zines, comics/graphic narrative and video with mentors Himanshu S, Malik Sajad and Sameera Jain respectively.  Lokesh Khodke will be the course facilitator, and will be present through all modules, tying up the inputs of the three mentors and guest lecturers for the students via discussions and personal mentoring.

To know more about the educators, click here.

The second edition of this course shall be directed at giving students an insight into how artists turn to the city as studio, mining various resources, individuals and forming their own support structures. Each class has been designed around the practice of the artist/filmmaker who conducts the session and provides triggers to young practitioners to experiment.  The emphasis through all the modules will remain on exercises and explorations carried out by the participants.

The Objective of this course is not just to explore the technical skills devised by the respective mentors/artists, but also to create an immersive environment of learning and peer sharing, and engage with the larger conceptual questions these practices throw up. There will be additional evening sessions with invited guest practitioners whose practices are deeply engaged with creating, researching and collecting various forms of storytelling.

Open Day: The sessions are designed such that the outcome of each of the sessions leads toward the making of a display. To culminate the process, there will be an Open House event at the end of the work-period to share and discuss the works and ideas generated by the participants.

Application Process:

We are seeking applications from young artists who can devote uninterrupted time for participation in this course. Given the duration, we prefer people who are not presently enrolled in any undergraduate or post graduate programmes.

Participants are required to bring their own DSLR / Video cameras for the video module

To apply, please send the following requirements to : 
1.    Samples of your work in pdf format.  Please share any zines, comics and videos you have made.
2.    A short statement (300 words) about why you would like to be part of such a programme.
3.    A recent CV

Course Fee: Rs 2000  

(*Please note: There are provisions for fee waiver for those who find it difficult, so please get in touch with us if you need the same)

The Serendipity Arts Foundation is an arts and cultural development Foundation created to encourage and support the arts as a significant contributor to civil society. It aims to promote new creative strategies, artistic interventions and cultural partnerships that are responsive and seek to address the social, cultural and environmental milieu of South Asia.