TEST: Theatre for Education and Social Transformation | Presentation by Maya Krishna Rao

Saturday, 14 March 2015 | 10:30 -11:30 am
FICA Reading Room, D-42, Defence Colony, New Delhi

FICA in collaboration with Shiv Nadar University invites you to a presentation by Maya Rao about the newly launched programme in Applied Theatre: TEST, Theatre for Education and Social Transformation at the Department of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University.

Theatre for Education and Social Transformation(TEST), also known as Applied Theatre, covers the study of approaches, forms and devices of theatre to be used in a range of educational settings.In schools, it aims to make teaching and learning in the classroom an experiential, relevant,deeply felt and enjoyable process of participatory learning.In society beyond it seeks to enable youth and adult groups to explore, grapple with, seek solutions and make performances around issues that have an impact on their lives. Starting in June 2015, it is a one year Post Graduate Diploma Programme for working professionals and practitioners and can be pursued full time as well as part time.

Theatre for Education and Social Transformation
1 Year / Part time – Starting June 2015
A Working professionals PG Diploma Programme | For school teachers, drama teachers, theatre practitioners and facilitators

A first in any institution of higher education in India | Applications for TEST Open!

To apply, contact:
Website: www.snu.edu.in
Email: test.edu@snu.edu.in
Phone: +919958855017

Maya Krishna Rao (b.1953) is a Delhi-based actor, director, writer, educator and activist, recognized for her original and innovative productions. Since the late 1970s, she has produced a body of work that has provoked her audiences to delve into social and political issues, even as it has amused and entertained them. A founder-member of the street theatre group Theatre Union, Shrimati Maya Rao scripted, directed, and performed powerful street plays such as Om Swaha, a critique of dowry, and Dafa No. 180, on the Indian rape law, between 1979 and 1982. In later years, she has produced a succession of compelling single-actor plays such as Ravanama, Are You Home Lady Macbeth?, A Deep Fried Jam, and Heads Are Meant for Walking Into. Her production Quality Street, based on a short story by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie, received great acclaim.

Rao has received training in Kathakali from Gurus Madhava Pannikar and Sadanam Balakrishnan. She has studied politics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, and theatre arts at Leeds University, UK. She has worked briefly with the Perspectives Theatre Company in Nottingham, UK, designing programmes of community interest, and with the Leeds Playhouse Theatre-in-Education Company creating theatre programmes for schools. At home, too, she has been much involved with children’s theatre, conceiving, scripting, and directing a number of plays for the NSD’s TIE Company as well as conducting school teacher workshops. She was Associate Professor at NSD from 1985 to 1990, and then visiting faculty at the School for many years.  A member of NCERT's National Curriculum Framework Committee, she has drafted a drama syllabus for Classes I to XII. She has also formulated the Drama syllabus for B.El.Ed (Bachelor in Elementary Education), Delhi University, 2008. Rao received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution to Indian theatre as an actor in 2010. She is the Professor at Department of Education at School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University.