The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art is pleased to present
An Evening of Conversations on the Delhi and Basel Nodes of the Srinagar Biennale

with Janine Schmutz, Tushar Joag and Parvez Imam
moderated by Inder Salim

Date: Saturday,  December 30, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: FICA Reading Room, S 17, First Floor, Khirki Extension, New Delhi

The year ends with an evening of conversations about the Delhi and Basel nodes of the Srinagar Biennale with speakers Janine Schmutz, Tushar Joag and Parvez Imam. Moderated by Inder Salim, the discussion will take place on December 30, 2017 at the FICA Reading Room.

As initiator and curator of the Srinagar Biennale, Inder Salim will begin the evening by opening the forum to discussions around its Delhi and Basel Nodes.

The Swiss node of the Srinagar Biennale is structured around Performance Art. It will take place in two episodes in March and April 2018, during which it will exploring both virtual and physical spaces as well as actual public spaces in Basel. Janine and Parvez would elaborate further on the upcoming episodes and discuss their approach to the same.

The Delhi Node of Srinagar Biennale is open-ended and available to the appointed curator to autonomously mould and re-think Delhi as a venue, while the design of the city of Srinagar would likely be weaved into it at a later date. Tushar will talk about his vision to begin with, which is hoped to expand with proper research and in-depth discussions around curatorial responsibilities and the idea of art in the present moment, which veers not towards the explicit political issues plaguing Kashmir, but the complex intersections in the aesthetic realm that manifest in this environment.

Drop by for exciting discussions around the artistic possibilities for the upcoming chapter of the Srinagar Biennale!