With students from Dharavi Art Room, BMC Schools of Mahalakshmi and Worli

A collaboration with Dharavi Art Room and Himanshu S

Walk-through | Film screening | Workshop

24th August 2013, Saturday | 1-6pm

Designed around the ongoing exhibition of Indian prints from the collection of Waswo X Waswo "Between the Lines: Identity, Place and Power", curated by Lina Vincent. 

Printmaking is an often misunderstood aspect in visual arts. What are fine art prints, or limited edition prints? How are they different from the various other types of prints that are so ubiquitous  today'. How do we look at a print now, in a world of personal printers?

This workshop seeks to provide a walk-through of the exhibition with contextual notes on the history of Indian printmaking, names of famous artists, and printmaking techniques. For many of the students of this group this would be the first visit to a museum of visual arts, and this workshop seeks to provide a methodical introduction to the idea of a museum of modern art, art prints as artworks, the process of viewing art works in museum/gallery spaces, and allied questions on how printmaking is a part of their daily lives.

 Starting with a gallery walk-through, the students are introduced to the context of this exhibition, different types of prints, different periods of Indian printmaking; shown short films of printmaking techniques; and finally culminating in a practical workshop exploring simple ways of silkscreen printing. 

FICA would like to thank Himanshu S for collaborating on the event and Medha Prabhakar and Lina Vincent for facilitating the event.