The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) is excited to have been part of the India Art Fair 2018. Housed in Booths H5 and P3, we undertook multiple things including an immersive artist project by Shilpa Gupta titled Shadow 3, a unique print portfolio titled No Man is an Island and a section that offered the fair audience a glimpse into the work FICA has done over the past 11 years in supporting the field of contemporary Indian art via grants, education and collaborations.

The unique portfolio of prints titled No Man is an Island consists of contributions by eight artists, namely- Arpita Singh, Sudhir Patwardhan, Shilpa Gupta, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Mithu Sen, Atul Dodiya, Anita Dube, Jitish Kallat. The prints set up a unique exchange between artists across cities and generations that have materialized in this visual chain of images. The portfolio symbolises conversations that ensue in the art world, crossovers or relays between artists via their interests, leanings and art languages. The title of the portfolio is a quote from a sentence in Arpita Singh’s drawing. No artist is indeed an island and the project is a homage to the ongoing dialogue and generous exchange that sustains and enriches contemporary practitioners in India today.
FICA is grateful to Shilpa Gupta for conceptualizing the print portfolio and also wishes to thank all the participating artists for their contributions.

*Please do write to us at for further information about the Portfolio.

The FICA Timeline formed the backdrop to these exciting projects and offered the context to our investment in supporting art production and dissemination over the past 11 years, which includes providing support structures to Indian artists, researchers and other members of the art community through grants; strengthening art education via discussion forums, workshops and collaborations; and establishing a continuous and inclusive dialogue between the arts and its variegated publics through year-long active public programming. To date, FICA has given fellowships, grants and awards to around 40 practitioners. The Foundation has also conducted more than 100 outreach programmes, ranging from talks, presentations, workshops and seminars, that support innovative pedagogic modules, dialogue and discussion and peer learning- all of which was displayed as a brief history of FICA against the timeline.