Orbitals 2019: A Fragmentary Reader | a presentation
in collaboration with mophradat

Photo details: Al-Khayyam Cinema, front facade, Amman, 2011-2012, photo by Nuha Innab

Photo details: Al-Khayyam Cinema, front facade, Amman, 2011-2012, photo by Nuha Innab

Mophradat is a non-profit contemporary arts institution creating opportunities for artists from the Arab world through an inventive approach to funding, commissioning, collaborating and gathering.
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Orbitals 2019 is organised in collaboration with FICA.

Photo details: Al-Khayyam Cinema, front facade, Amman, 2011-2012, photo by Nuha Innab

FICA and Mophradat are delighted to invite you to an evening presentation by the participating curators of Orbitals 2019.

The four participating curators, Soukaina Aboulaoula, Nada Bakr, Nuha Innab, and Beya Othmani, are visiting New Delhi as part of Orbitals 2019 - a curatorial research trip organised by Mophradat, to a different location each year.

Mirroring the Torchlight exhibition at FICA, this evening is dedicated to exploring some of the references and influences shaping today curatorial practices in the Arab World.*

The four participating curators from Morocco, Jordan/Palestine, Algeria/Tunisia, and Egypt - working across disciplines ranging from architecture, visual arts, new media, and sound – will introduce their practices through the material that informs their work.

Taking the Arab world as a loosely-defined geography that is called home by people of diverse ethnicities, gender identities, religions, ideologies, and languages, the curators will extend possibilities for the emergence of a tentative lexicon to understand these contexts of art-making, through a presentation of their writings, videos, music, and more.

Soukaina Aboulaoula (b. 1993), an independent curator based in Marrakech where she co-founded and co-manages Untitled, a curatorial, editorial, design, and art direction agency.

Nada Bakr (b. 1989), an Egyptian curator, researcher, and cultural manager. She is currently the managing director and co-curator of Cairotronica – Cairo Electronic and New Media Art Festival, and is Community and Project Manager at Disruption Network Lab in Berlin

Nuha Innab (b. 1985), an architect and researcher based in Amman where she co-founded OPPA for research and architecture in 2019, and is also the founder of Plot_436, a digital archive about architecture in Amman.

Beya Othmani (b. 1992), an Algerian-Tunisian curator who is currently pursuing her M.A. in Spacial Strategies at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin and preparing a program of artistic interventions at La Boite in Tunis.