Project_Space | Artist-in-Residence: Niroj Satpathy
June 2019


Niroj's practice is centred around an obsessive engagement with materials designated as waste, exploring their transformative, ephemeral and expressive qualities. Over the years his home/studio has turned into a chaotic repository of more than 5000 objects, some scrounged from the streets, old shops and landfills, others donated by friends, family and strangers. His five-year stint as night supervisor at the MCD Solid Waste Management Department (2013-18) gave him an up-close consideration of garbage and waste as a lens to read the city. His studio has also often functioned as a public space, having hosted community gatherings, performances, discussions, exhibitions and more. Leaving aside the familiar accumulation of the studio, Niroj will extend his explorations of process, material, temporality, and individual and collective labour at the Project_Space through June.

Niroj Satpathy has a BFA in Painting from BK Art College of Fine Arts, Bhubaneswar. He also has a MFA in Painting and Visual Arts from Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar. Recent exhibitions include DHALAO (2018); Could be Urbanism with Naveen Mahantesh and WALA, at Khoj (2018); Hangar for the Passerby, at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (2017). He has also taken part in several public art projects (Bhubaneswar Art Trail (B80), 2018) and performances (Harkat (2012) at CSDS; Kala Pani (2015 & 2017)), much of his art work being in collaborative work and community projects.


Collaborations @Project_Space


Our Artist-in-Residence Niroj Satpathy has been hard at work at Project_Space to create an appropriate setting for his experiments with objects and materials. 

He has invited Surpiyo Karmakar to work alongside him. Having worked extensively with kinetic art, Supriyo's practice adds elements of movement and sound to Niroj's current explorations of material, temporality, and process. At Project_Space, their intersecting practices will entail a commentary on the afterlives of personal objects in new contexts and continuities.

Supriyo is a recent graduate in painting from University of Kalyani. Most recently he was part of a collaborative project with four other artists from West Bengal, titled 'Wave of the City' which showed at the Students' Biennale 2018-19 in Kochi.

We will soon be sharing information on some open sessions that Niroj is planning in collaboration with other artists.

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