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Panel Discussion on the graphic anthology 'First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India'

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art(FICA)  in collaboration with Yoda Press invites you to a panel discussion on the graphic anthology

'First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India (Volume 1)'

3 August, 6pm
Vadehra Art Gallery, D-53, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India - 110024

The panel with the contributors of First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India (Volume 1) will focus on a discussion about thevisual research that the goes into creating a graphic narrative. The discussion will also explore both techniques and concerns around representing and dramatising reality in illustrated form. Panelists include Rahul Bhattacharya, Mohit Kant Mishra , Ita Mehrotra , Pragya Tiwari, Payal AP, Neha Dixit,, Ishita Sharma and Vidyun Sabhaney. The panel will be moderated by Aditya Mani Jha.

First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India (Volume 1) is a dedicated exploration of the non-fiction genre of comics, the first of its kind in India. Writers, artists, reporters, researchers, designers, anthropologists, academicians, and film-makers lend their experience, knowledge and craft to bring alive in illustration stories that too often get reduced to numbers and statistics. It reflects on the extraordinary - often heart-breaking - circumstances in these stories; be it personal struggle, or social and political injustice. It pulls together diverse engagements with the idea of “non-fiction” itself, and hopes to set the stage for more visual narratives that tell stories about personal experience, events, personalities and phenomena. The book has six kinds of narratives: biography, auto- biography, commentary, documentary, oral histories and reportage. The process of drawing “real-life” stories raises questions about the form of comics itself, and also representation, visual research and dramatization—questions that each of the pieces in this book has dealt with, in one way or another.

Aditya Mani Jha is a journalist and writer, currently working for The Hindu Business Line. Between 2013-2015, he wrote a comics column called The Speech Balloon for The Sunday Guardian. He is currently working on a book about the socio-political conscience of Indian comics and graphic novels.

Yoda Press was founded in 2004 with an alternative publishing vision, aimed at creating lists around subjects which were not a priority for other publishers in India even though they had acquired a critical presence in contemporary discourse, authorship and an audience, such as sexuality, popular culture, cities and urbanism, architecture as a lived experience, and new perspectives in Indian history and sociology. In a publishing industry perennially racing to find the holy grail of mass-market success, Yoda Press strives to explore its niche of the alternative in writing and publishing more deeply with each passing year, as it has done for the past 12 years.