The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art and Gati Dance Forum invite you to a conversation with playwright and director Neel Chaudhuri as part of the Body Space Time Conversation Series on March 1, 2018 at the FICA Reading Room.

The Body Space Time Conversations series invites a range of practitioners into the studio, engaging them in a conversation about performance and its intersection with other disciplines. The conversation series is part of BODY SPACE TIME, an ongoing 4-month certificate course in dance technique and choreography, running from Jan - May 2018 at Gati Dance Forum.The conversation series populates a context for the participants of the Body Space Time course, allowing them to engage with creative processes through their own practice and a wider dialogue. It also creates a space for practitioners to share their practice with the larger public, triggering a critical discourse that links various methodologies and forms.

On its second week, the series featured Neel Chaudhuri, a playwright and director based in New Delhi. He spoke at length about his work as a writer-director with the Tadpole Repertory, a Delhi-based theatre collective. He looked specifically at how the company has built an assimilative practice - learning, borrowing and developing rituals and pedagogy - through their stage work and workshops over the past decade. Neel also examined the relationship between the actor and writer-director in evolving the dramaturgy and architecture of stories, and the rehearsal space as a laboratory.