The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) in collaboration with Utsha Foundation is pleased to invite you to demonstrations and workshops by

Bellaguntha artists of Flexible Brass Fish  &
Raghurajpur artists of Patachitra

Workshop dates: 27 October - 1 November, 2015, 10am - 5pm
Open interaction with artists on 30 October 2015, 6pm

Venue: Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art, VR 39, Unit 6, Bhubhaneshwar

This program has been developed by and presented as part of Mrugen Rathod's public art project titled शोर  supported by the FICA Public Art Grant 2014.

In this project Rathod looks at a collaborative endeavor bringing together the traditional artists of Odisha to create consciousness about the impending degeneration of natural resources and the arts in the state; using both to actively create a substantial stand. It seeks to analyse the finer concerns of the contemporaneous situation of traditional art / handicrafts, its dynamics in a consumerist / capitalist market, politics of propaganda, disparity in sustenance measures, vigil of the society, government policies and law and other concerns. This event marks the second phase of his project.