Image: Invite poster designed by Samudra Kajal Saikia

Image: Invite poster designed by Samudra Kajal Saikia

MUP: Mash Up Poetry
with Home and Memories

April 29, Saturday | 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
C 13, Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi - 11008

MUP is a Work-in-Progress performative circumstance designed by Kankhowa (Samudra Kajal Saikia) around the thematic of Home and Memories.

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
- Through the Looking Glass

The event was participatory, playful and meant for people who love literature. Participants read out, performed and made poems as part of the event and particpated in a treasure hunt as well. The activity was meant as a mode of engagement with poetry especially in the context of the exhibition site.

Key-words: Home, House, Memory, Decay, Age, losing of meaning, Hide-and-seek, Touch, Play, Game, Exchange, re-visit, Momentum, Sustainability, Self, Subjectivity, Same and Other, Thief, Property, Possession

About the artist
Samudra Kajal Saikia is a practitioner of interdisciplinary art practices (including performance, theatre, public art, creative writing, cultural criticism and videos) and a poet. After completing BFA from Viswabharati, Santiniketan and MVA from M S University of Baroda (in Art History and aesthetics) he co-founded a company to work in the media entertainment industries in New Delhi, and also co-founded initiatives like Regional Art, Performance and Events (R.A.P.E), and Nine Schools of Art, New Delhi. He is a practitioner of a distinctive performative practice that is coined as the Disposable Theatre instigating collaborations and cross genre experimentation. Samudra was the recipient of FICA Public Art Grant, 2010 before he receives the Ila Dalmia FICA Research Grant in 2013.

About C 13
The event was a part of the programming of C 13, an exhibition which is a collaboration between FICA and artist Priyanka Choudhary. Between 2010-17, Priyanka used C 13 as a studio space and has now extended an invitation to other practitioners to rethink the possibilities of a studio space. The FICA Reading Room was also housed in the building for the period of three weeks. We invited Susanta Mandal to respond to this project of inhabiting C 13 - a home, a studio, an abandoned site that is being interpreted and experienced differently by each of the exhibiting artists and to come up with a structure for the Reading Room. He designed a self-contained unit, a mobile structure with all the architectural elements of a building. FICA Reading Room is a space for discussions and over the next three weeks we will hold many informal conversations in this room.