Lighting Workshop with Ryoya Fudetani
Date:  25 January, 2018
Venue: FICA Reading Room, S 17, Khirkee Extension, Opp Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art in association with The Japan Foundation, New Delhi conducted a workshop with renowned light designer, Ryoya Fudetani at the FICA Reading Room.

The workshop saw visual artists and performers engage in a series of practical exercises designed to deepen their understanding of lighting design and explore it more fully as a practice. Besides technical inputs, Fudetani's exercises included navigating colour through filters while interspersing the session with visual anecdotes about his own projects. One of the sessions included using crayons to draw and colour under a sodium light-infused environment (where objects appear monochromatic) only to later see (and compare) their actual renditions on paper when under the influence of regular lights.The day-long workshop was intended to help the participants explore possibilities for using light in designing their own installations. 

About the artist:
Majoring in architectonics, Ryoya Fudetani has designed interiors and displays, composed installation works, and art-directed events in various places such as graf, Apple Store and CLUB QUATTRO. Since 2005, he has managed and art-directed several events, putting the emphasis of his role on schenographic design with lighting. In 2008, he joined "dots," a Kyoto-based performing arts group. In the same year, he directed the opening event of "PARIS PHOTO" held in Musee du Louvre of Paris. He has been worked in staying producation of art work by Les Mains Sales in Belgium and 子供鉅人(Kodomo Kyojin), "AAAA" series (森川弘和×青柳拓次), a cooperative art work by dancers and musicians with more than a hundred thousand A4-size papers as a start point of art/stage creation, and "Fuwafu-pu", which used a whole building of apartments and considered each room one scene of life, as well as in works of dots. Fudetani has also worked in the “Attakkalari India Biennial 2013″ held by contemporary dance group ATTAKKALARI working in Bangalore, India, Indonesian international dance festival, “Cortex,” and "Softmachine” the project by Choy Ka Fai of Singapore.

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is an organization for international cultural exchange. It carries out a broad variety of cultural-exchange programs with personnel exchanges as their basic premise, ranging from such academic pursuits as Japanese studies and Japanese-Language education to the arts and culture.