Two Films on Childhood & the City | Film Night @ FICA Reading Room
4 July, 2019 | 5.30 p.m. - 9 p.m.


FICA announced Film Nights @ FICA Reading Room as a series of curated monthly film screenings as part an evening of collective viewing and conversation. The first Film Night was held on July 4 2019, featuring two films around the theme of 'Childhood & The City'.

The theme ‘Childhood & the City’ is in keeping with our Artist-in-Residence, Niroj Satpathy’s own explorations on display at ProjectSpace in the FICA Reading Room. Niroj’s practice involves his collection of found objects, materials and stories, archived obsessively over several years. Using city as his studio and as a space for multiple imaginings, Niroj dissects and simultaneously weaves together several contexts, allowing for the coexistence of more than one perspective, positioning his collected objects as agents of their own afterlives that spawn numerous interpretations and interconnections.

You can read more about Project_Space and Niroj’s practice here.