extension khirkee 

Street art festival
10 - 31 March 2012 
Please join us for a discussion on the festival
on Saturday, March 24, 2012 | 5 pm
at FICA Reading Room, D-42 Defence Colony, New Delhi

Presentations by
Ashok Lall (architect)
Aastha Chauhan &
Matteo Ferraresi (festival organisers)

About the festival:

extension khirkee is a Street art festival that brings together creative practitioners from diverse backgrounds of art, architecture, media and hip hop to participate in the ongoing engagement between art and public within the neighbourhood of Khirkee extension.
What started out as some friends (Matteo, Mattia, Anpu, Amitabh and Aastha) deciding to work together, has organically developed to include other enthusiasts interested in exploring the walls within Khirkee.
Still in its infancy the street art culture in Delhi has opened immense possibilities for culture practioners and this formed the initial framework within which other graffiti artists (ZINE, DAKU, YANTR, He Ra) were included. There is also the Hip Hop subculture in Delhi which has found a strong voice in Khirkee with an impetus from Tiny Drops, founded by He Ra and his friends. Tiny Drops is a Hip Hop 'open culture centre' in Khirkee that has created an engaging hub for the children of Khirkee by introducing them to new forms of self expression and positive thinking.
The idea and the scale of the festival keeps spreading, with friends and their friends expressing an interest in participating, with young photographers and artists from the neighbourhood also joining in.
On the 31st the festival closes with performances ranging from dance, djing and live painting done by the kids from tiny drops.
Participants include Akshay Rathore Singh / Flora Boillot, Amitabh Kumar, Anpu Varkey, Daku, G2, He Ra, Julien Segard, Illusions (Boka, Jeetu, Pintu), Siddharth Mathawan / Sandra Pfiel, Mattia Lullini, Raw Tella, Sanjib Roy / YANTRA, Zine and Riazat Ullah Khan
Supported by FICA (Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art), W+K Exp (The Visual Arts division of W+K advertising agency), Square23 Art Gallery, Turin, Torino True and Urbe / Rigenerazione Urbana

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/groups/ext.krk