Peswani has specialized in Painting during her BFA and in Sculpture in MFA, both from the M.S.University  of Baroda. She has been the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship, Govt.  of India and the INLAKS scholarship for the UNIDEE residency in Italy. She has  exhibited in India and abroad, and been a part of several workshops. She is  currently working as a part-time fellow in the Visual Culture Initiative with  Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad.

The recipients of the Emerging Artist Award 2007 were  chosen by an independent jury consisting artists Atul Dodiya, Subodh Gupta , Shilpa  Gupta, and N.S.Harsha and art historians/ critics Annapurna Garimella and  Anshuman Dasgupta. The jury’s criteria was to select artists with a strong  personal language, whose works are visually engaging and consistent in their  quality, as well as  show a continuity  throughout the body of work submitted for selection and are conceptually  strong. Rakhi Peswani was selected  for the conceptual strength in her work and her innovative language with  material.