The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art invites applications for Emerging Artist Award 2019.
FICA is pleased continue our collaboration with Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, for this award.

The Emerging Artist Award seeks to promote young artists studying or practising in India who demonstrate extraordinary skill and promise in the visual arts. Selected by an independent jury of distinguished artists and professionals in the field, the recipient gets the opportunity to travel and work in an international residency and the chance to showcase a body of works at an exhibition platform in New Delhi.
The Award includes:

  • A ninety-day residency in Switzerland in 2020, round-trip air travel from their town in India, a per diem (including local travel) during the time of the residency.

  • The opportunity to showcase a body of works in a FICA exhibition platform in 2021.

You can have a look at awardees from the previous years here


Requirements for applicants:

  • The applicant must be between 18 and 35 years of age.

  • The applicant needs to be an Indian citizen. Overseas Citizens of India and Non-Indian Residents are not eligible.

  • In case the applicant is chosen as the recipient of the award he/she should agree to all Terms and Conditions, as listed below, upon accepting the award.

Terms and Conditions for recipient:

  • The recipient will accept the award by formally signing an agreement with FICA. Once the recipient accepts the award, which includes both the residency and the exhibition platform, he/she cannot withdraw their acceptance and will have to comply with the schedule provided for these two programmes by the organisers.

  • The recipient will have to accept the ninety-day residency in Switzerland in 2020 as per the dates scheduled by Pro Helvetia. Requests for change in date will not be accommodated.

  • The recipient must have or get a valid Indian passport prior to the residency.

  • The exhibition will be an exclusive collaboration between the recipient and FICA with no involvement from a third party. The procedure and conditions for the solo show will be detailed in a separate contract between the recipient and FICA before the start of the exhibition.  

Application Procedure

Please send your application to with the Subject Line as 'EAA Application 2019, (Name of Applicant)'. 

You can also submit your application via Google Drive, WeTransfer, or any other such file-sharing platform, to the same email id. The attachments you are required to send, are detailed below. 

Please include the following material in your application to be sent to the above email id only. Please note that incomplete applications and/or applications submitted to any other FICA email ID will not be accepted.

The two attachments you will submit are: 

  1. A copy of the completed EAA 2019 Application Form (download here)

  2. A single PDF with all other material (as detailed below).

The PDF will contain:

  • Your most current resume

  • Images of up to 20 works, each image labelled with the artist’s name, title of work, date, dimensions and medium. If works are part of a series please provide multiple images (each series will be considered a separate work.)

    If there are video file(s), they should be compatible for playback on Windows Media/VLC/Real Player.
    Note: You can add the link to the video(s) within the PDF itself, or send the files to us separately via direct email, Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or any other such file-sharing platform, to If you are to send us video files, please mention what medium of transfer you will be using, in the email AND your PDF.

  • An artist’s statement, explaining your practice and interests, and a brief explanation on the works submitted

Please note that we will not individually acknowledge the receipt of applications given the volume of submissions received. For any queries regarding application procedure or the award, please contact us at