C 13

An Exhibition | A Proposition | A Playground | A House

Preview: 17 April 2017, Monday, 6-8pm
Venue: C 13, Pamposh Enclave

The exhibition will remain open until 7 May 2017 | 11am - 7pm, Monday - Saturday

Participants: Babu Eshwar Prasad, BlueJackal, Chandan Gomes, Gagan Singh, Inder Bhan Madan, Karthik KG, Khursheed Ahmad, Lokesh Khodke, Priya Ravish Mehra with Rafoogars of Najibabad and Kashmir, Priyanka Choudhary, Shefalee Jain, Shivangi Singh, Showkat Kathjoo, Thlana Bazik, Vivek Moktan. FICA Reading Room conceptualised in collaboration with Susanta Mandal. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between FICA and artist Priyanka Choudhary. For the past seven years, Priyanka used C 13 as a studio space and has now extended an invitation to other practitioners to rethink the possibilities of a studio space. For three weeks C 13 will turn into an exhibition space with talks and programmes. It will also temporarily house FICA Reading Room in its premises. Watch this space for further updates! Visit us in our old-new very temporary home at C 13, Pamposh Enclave. 

C 13 is both ordinary and unique. Like many homes, it has secrets hidden inside it. It is located in a neighbourhood which, like many Delhi neighbourhoods, also shares its stories reluctantly. The stories lie low, simmering, murmuring. In many senses it is an anomaly, one of the few remaining examples of the older Delhi house with its verandas, trees intertwining the structure of the house, open balconies and terrace roofs amidst the newly constructed ubiquitous builder flats. 

In all these years C 13 has held at interim identity as an artist studio. And through April-May 2017 it will play that role one last time. It opens its doors to artists and collectives, to work with abandon, to work even if it is to abandon. It invites us to re-imagine the spaces and contexts we inhabit and how we choose to inhabit them. It invites us to listen in on its stories and in turn share ours.

The FICA Reading Room is also housed in the building for the period of three weeks. We invited Susanta Mandal to respond to this project of inhabiting C 13 - a home, a studio, an abandoned site that is being interpreted and experienced differently by each of the exhibiting artists and to come up with a structure for the Reading Room. He designed a self-contained unit, a mobile structure with all the architectural elements of a building. FICA Reading Room is a space for discussions and over the next three weeks we will hold many informal conversations in this room. 

Programmes Calendar



April 23 | 5:30 pm
Library on the move

Speakers: Sneha Raghavan from Asia Art Archive and Chandan Gomes from Rang Open Library

An exchange on the possibilities and forms of the itinerant library between FICA, Asia Art Archive and Rang Open Library. We will also share notes on the library as a space for discussions and exchange.
April, 25 & 26 | 11 am – 5 pm
Rafoogar Baithak

Speakers: Priya Ravish Mehra, Nadeem and Shariq
The two-day event is an open invitation to meet the Najibabad rafoogars and watch them at work. The event begins with an introduction to Priya Ravish Mehra’s longstanding research on this invisible art of traditional darning.
April 27 | 5:30 pm
Elementary forms and the city: Lines that play themselves out.

Speakers: Prof. Savyasatchi, Gagan Singh, Sneha Raghavan, Iqtedar
This session attempts to explore the tension between lines that draw themselves out, in routes, in drawing or in design and architecture. They come up against different hegemonies presented whether as determinate paper, determinate roads and determinate architectural drawing programs such as Auto-cad. This session will attempt to explore the formations of lines through the disciplines of anthropology, art and architecture.

April 28 | 7 pm
Film Night
Short films selected by Babu Eshwar Prasad which speak back to the works the artists have been doing in C 13.


May 2 | 5:30 pm
Presentation on Polish India Shop in collaboration with Polish Institute New Delhi

at Vadehra Art Gallery, D 53 Defence Colony
Speakers: Janek Simon and Max Cegielski

Simon and Cegielski will speak about their ongoing research project Polish India Shop which looks at the history of Polish-Indian relations from the 1950s to the 1989 transformation.
May 4 | 5:30 pm
Building, Dwelling, Making: Modes of understanding the city

Conceptualized by Sarover Zaidi
Speakers: Mohammad Sayeed and Sarover Zaidi
This session attempts to understand the modes in which a city is created incrementally, in both its material forms and the modes of habitation people undertake to make it their own. Moving between legality/illegality, aesthetics/taste, everyday lives and memory, the city dweller is continuously suggesting techniques of navigating the city yet dwelling in it. This session will explore these techniques that come to make city life through architecture, markets, housing and the monumental. 
May 6 | 5:30 pm
For the Love of Books

A discussion on artist books with Dileep Prakash, Chandan Gomes and Gagan Singh. 

May 6 | 2.30 to 7 pm
Rang Open Library comes to spend the day with us


Collaborating Organizations for the events section: Asia Art Archive, Polish Institute New Delhi and Rang Open Library