Animate / Create

is a stop-motion animation workshop
for young creatives aged 9-14 years

Dates: 19 - 23 May 2014, Monday - Friday
Timing: 11am - 2pm
Venue: FICA Reading Room, D42 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Fees: Rs. 4000 for 5 sessions

The course will be conducted by artist and animation filmmaker Aditi Chitre.

Animation is one of the most approachable and creative tools used by filmmakers around the world, and can be explored  using multiple mediums and techniques. Some of the earliest efforts in animation were made using stop-motion animation.  Stop-motion is extremely flexible and allows individuals to make their own films, at home and on a limited budget. Everyday mundane objects can be transformed into fascinating characters and scenes. This workshop will deliberately use stop-motion animation to bypass the use of animation software, and will instead focus on experimenting with material and engage with storytelling through this medium.

Day 1: Animation with found objects
Day 2: Animation with chalk on board
Day 3: Claymotion
Day 4 & 5: Paper cut-out animation
Each session will start with watching animation videos to understand narrative form and medium. 

Aditi Chitre is an animation filmmaker currently based in Delhi. She studied Painting, BFA at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, 2004. Since 2006, she has been working in the animation medium through independent films of her own, as well as through collaborations with live action documentary filmmakers. Besides this, she has also been involved with teaching art and animation through the workshop medium. Through this platform, she hopes to share her own approach to animation and art with young children and university students, stressing on storytelling without the excessive use of technology. She also teaches art to children at the Asha Academy for Art, Delhi. Chitre also received a special grant from the India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) for her work with school children in Nagaland.